Passports will be available in June at participating restaurants, at the Burger Week Kick-Off Party at Rahr Brewery, and at Fort Worth Pinnacle Bank locations!


Be Nice
You have a ton of choices for mouth-watering $5 burgers! There is a good chance that a restaurant might run out of their Burger Week burger towards the end of a shift. Buck Up Burger Buddies! Do NOT be a JERK! Go back the next day, this time earlier, order your $5 burger, and thank them for working their hamburger buns o for you!

Be Patient
It’s hard to believe! $5 specialty burgers at your favorite burger hang-outs! Do not be surprised if restaurants have waits. If they do…relax, take it easy, share a post on social media at #FWBurgerWeek. You might win something. And remember the first commandment, BE NICE!

Don’t Be A Cheapskate
All these awesome $5 burgers are a la carte. Sides are extra. Enjoy your $5 burger with a side of fries or onion rings. Nothing goes better with a burger than an ice cold beer or soft drink. Check your Burger Week Passport for special Burger Week Combos with some of our awesome sponsors.

Read Your Burger Week Passport
All restaurants are not created equal, and this is true even with our awesome Burger Week restaurants. Some restaurants have special hours on certain days. Some restaurants are closed on certain days. Read the details under each restaurant so you are aware of any special details that you need to know before indulging in a delicious $5 burger.

Tip Tip Tip
You will tip! Don’t let the $5 burger bring out the cheap in you. You are getting a $10-$15 burger for $5, so we suggest a minimum 20% tip.

Don’t like burgers, but you like Ronald McDonald House? That’s cool.

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Thanks to these sponsors who are already on board for Burger Week 2020

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